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Talk about the design of the room reverberation
Sound reverberation is an important part of the design, and its main task is to make a suitable indoor reverberation time and frequency characteristics. Reverb design generally determine the basic shape of the hall, air volume and surface area can be calculated within the time for concrete steps.

1: According to the auditorium design, calculate the room volume V and the total internal surface area S.

2: According to the reverberation time formula, calculate the average room absorption coefficient a, can be sabine formula and eyring formula, the average absorption coefficient multiplied by the total internal surface area S. The total absorption is the amount of room required, for the average living room, mainly in the 250HZ-4000HZ octave center frequency of six to design, simple and low-level hall, three in the 125-500 and 2000HZ frequency point estimates For the high-level hall, such as concert halls, in addition to the above six frequencies, we must also calculate the reverberation time 63HZ and 8000HZ. On the low-frequency sound absorption coefficient of plant material not much information available for inspection, the need for special sound-absorbing material and structural design, and sound absorption coefficient of the test.

3: Calculation of sound absorption inherent in the room, including interior furnishings, audience, stage, mouth, ears and other sound-absorbing surface light amount of room required total absorption minus the amount that is the inherent need to increase the absorption of sound absorption.

4: access to materials and structure of the absorption coefficient, from which to select the appropriate materials and structures, to determine their area, to meet the need to increase the absorption capacity and frequency characteristics. Absorption coefficient of materials used, it should be noted that the provisions of the conditions is consistent with the actual installation conditions. Different installation conditions (such as whether the air layer after material, thickness, etc.) can be huge sound absorption characteristics.

Choice should be selected consistent with the actual conditions close to the data. Absorption coefficient used in the same time a law should be measured by the reverberation of sound absorption coefficient.

Arrangements for conducting sound-absorbing material to the attention of:

1: a large area of wall or ceiling it is best not to use a single material or structure, so as to prevent uneven frequency characteristics of reverberation time and the proliferation of poor sound field.

2: planted in the calculation of reverberation time for the average living room, if it is shorter than the optimum value is permitted, because the hall after the more difficult to deal with reverberation time compressed, partial short reverberation time can be guaranteed a high definition language degrees. While the music program, but also consider the use of artificial reverberation to improve, for the concert hall, its function must be the best side of the reverberation time design.

3: For the hall demanding to be measured after construction, then for sound absorption, reflection material adjustment, and once completed is rare.

Reverberation room design can also determine the design value and volume reverberation time, the first based on the experience of acoustic design and construction and fitting performance requirements to determine a preliminary plan, and budget of the reverberation time.

By repeatedly modify, adapt design, until the reverberation time is designed to meet the requirements so far

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