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Grouping stage and dance floor lighting and lighting console
Stage and dance floor lighting and lighting control equipment Grouping for the matching, is a combination of art and technology the key issues.

1, lamp grouping

Formation have been chosen before the lamps are classified, the idea of grouping the time to consider more from the arts, such as color matching, the distribution of light and atmosphere which is suitable for such expression, and then lit the lamp for the same time (or color ) compiled a set of parallel, with a switch (or light console, light machine take a group of contacts) to control. Grouping must also consider security issues, from technology to ensure the parallel by calculating the total current after the lamps (power) control switches or contacts can not exceed the rated current value. Practice has proved that in the medium and small dance hall, the light can reach more than a dozen groups such as groups, twenty groups, we can have a stronger expression and variability; large dance halls, theaters, because of the complexity of the stage lighting, are often used dozens or even hundreds of road lighting grouping to meet the requirements.

2, the selection of lighting control equipment

Dance hall popular lighting control equipment, including air switch, multiple switch board (such as the 12 Road), take the light machine (such as 4-way), multi-program the console (such as lamp control 16 units), multi-channel dimmer units (such as 24 Way dimmer console) and specialized circuits and computer matching lamp lighting controller. They have their own characteristics, each suited to different types of lighting control and for different occasions.

Air-interrupter switch and protection with a good performance, rated current from 10A, 15A, 20A, up to hundreds of safety, to form a series. Air switch is not frequent on-off occasion, more as a master switch or regional switches, such as the dance floor, stage lights master switch, air conditioner, exhaust fan master switch, but also for a number of non-frequent operation of the effect of light (such as the follow spot lights, neon lights, the whole group of computer lights) switch.

Each multi-switch plates generally rated 1500-2000W. It is suitable for controlling various functions of the light itself changes, such as various types of turn lights, voice-activated lights and a variety of lighting without frequent operations (such as the purple pipe, smoke, etc.).

Multiple lights go machine is actually a simple program controller, suitable to control a number of changes at a fixed program cycle lamps, such as the string of lights, snake lights, rainbow lights and stage ladder hose group turns on the pole lights, decorative light .

Artificial light jog both console (touch switch) and program-controlled, voice and other functions, which are widely used in various types from the middle and low to the high-end entertainment. Light Controller jog function can be used to replace the combination switch board, control functions and various changes itself without frequent operation of the lamp. Programmable lighting control station and the voice functions can be used to control some of its features do not have change, relying on external control equipment changes in order to produce lighting effects, such as the composition of different patterns, different colors of the "rain lights" group and so on. It is noteworthy that should not be used to control a variety of programmable features turn lights, strobe lights and scan rotation changes itself functions such as lamps.

Dimming units are program-controlled high-end units, in addition to on-off control function, another way to set a number of SCR dimming, it is also known as multi-dimming / usually use its dimming control stage, part of the dance floor itself is not to be dimming the lamps with a change in function, in order to create a different atmosphere.

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